Chain Link:

   Chain link is the most affordable option for pet containment. Other purposes for this popular option are property line boundaries, child containment, keeping animals out, and overall security of your premises. There are variable color options available nowadays.The wide range of heights include 4', 5', 6', 7', etc.. A common questions asked is...How tall of a fence do I need for my dog? That answer does vary, however, 4' high fence is the common height to secure most breeds of dogs(labs, retreivers, springer spaniels, beagles, etc..). Bullie Fence recommends a 5' high fence for high energy, agile dogs such as border colliers, australian shephards, pitbulls, etc.. German Shephards, dependent upon their age, really require a 6' high fence due to their extraordinary jumping ability. Please consult your local kennel club if you are unsure what height fence is sufficient for your breed of dog. The most popular color choice is a black chain link fence.

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride):

   Vinyl Fencing is virtually maintenance-free. Elegance, durability, offered in a variety of styles, and good old-fashioned American craftsmanship make vinyl fencing ideal to meet the needs of today's demanding lifestyle. It is impervious to weather and will not chip, fade,  or rot. It does not need painting, allowing you to enjoy its elegance and beauty year after year. A durable, yet virtually maintenance-free, fence adds value and aesthetic appeal to any property. Bullie Fence Company has a vinyl fence to accommodate just about everybody's fencing needs. Whether you want to capture an aura of nostalgic style, achieve a contemporary feel, or are looking for a good-neighbor privacy fence, we have the fence for you. Whatever your need, vinyl fencing makes sense.


   Wood is a traditional material used in fencing which is offered a variety of styles and options. There are different commonly used types of wood including northern white cedar, spruce, and pressure treated pine. Lifetime expectancy on the different woods can greatly vary along with their price. Bullie Fence Company can assist you to select a grade and type of wood suitable for your home or business. For those homeowners who prefer the natural look, we have a variety of wood styles – not limited to but including stockade, solid/spaced 1x4 board, spaced picket, and split rail.


  The benefits are impressive. The look of wrought iron but the durability of aluminum. While it is esthetically pleasing, aluminum fence and gates add to the value of your home and place of business. Most importantly, it will add peace of mind.  Aluminum fence brings you a feeling of security, safety, and elegance that is unmatched. When you see an aluminum fence, you get a sense of assurance that it will last for many years to come. With its sleek design and competitively priced with vinyl picket fence, ornamental aluminum is the top choice for pool fences.

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